E-Tech Systems Jamaica


Gate Automation

Our company has developed an endless number of commercial and residential projects, from design stage to the supervision and finalization of the system installation.

All systems are customized (from fabrication to automation) to suit the customer’s specific need. From residential or commercial gate and barrier to car park automatic ticketing system,  whatever you need we can provide it.


Packing System

E-Tech Systems works directly with TIBA a world leader in PARCS manufacture to design and Implement state of the art Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems. Since 1986 TIBA has designed and manufactured PARCS for customer worldwide. In designing the system we placed an emphasis on simplicity, modular components, superior technology and flexible software. This has resulted in a PARCS system that is very reliable, user friendly and extremely cost competitive. By the end of the decade TIBA became the market leader in Israel despite competition from several large international PARCS manufacturers. Market segments include commercial, government, medical and residential facilities. Next we began to expand in Europe and other international markets. In the nineties TIBA began to develop automated PARCS technologies and continued to grow throughout the decade. With TIBA’s flexible software design (then and now), we were able to take advantage of the latest technology and software platforms without a concern for legacy compatibility issues.















Simplifying Technology