E-Tech Systems Jamaica

Video Security


Our company designs, engineers and implements systems to facilitate local and remote supervision where complete control of all processes is imperative in order to achieve smooth system operation. We make solutions to empower you to control of every aspect of your property: – safety, liability, security and efficiency.

Our Digital  (Lenel SkyPoint, OnGuard by Lenel, OnSSI, ISS, 3VR, Digiop Ionit Technology)  Video Recorders (DVR) or Netwok Video Recorders (NVR) are multi functional state-of-the-art systems, with superior compression technology, facilitating storage of large amounts of data with high speed retrieval and fast remote access for live and / or recorded events.

Our wide variety of camera line which include Arecont Vision, Mobotix, IQinVision, AXIS, Infinnova, ACTI  megapixel camera and  Pelco High Resolution video security cameras used are selected based on the application needed ensuring the most effective camera system.

Video Analytics is the fastest growing feature in video security industry and E-Tech is here to provide you with solution from the industry leaders. Lenel, OnSSI, ISS, Video IQ and INEX ZAMIR.

E-Tech Systems incorporates the industries leading technologies in IP, Megapixel and Analog Cameras. DVRs,  NVRs and Mega storage Unit to provide systems that are easily integrated with existing security and building system control products. Designed to meet the specific needs of an organization, with an VMS (Video Management System) central server can provide monitoring and recording support for up to 3,000 high intelligent cameras.


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